Differential growth media

Thomas Landers thomas at genome.wi.mit.edu
Fri Apr 7 15:18:54 EST 2000

I'm trying to find formulas for differential or selective bacterial
growth media. I've found a few sources that seem pretty comprehensive,
but don't have any of the media listed in the lab manual. We think maybe
our manual uses non-standard names for these formulas.
If anyone can suggest a truly authoritative source for bacterial growth
media, or if anyone knows alternative names for any of these media, i'd
really appreciate it.

GLA (glycerol asparagine agar)
LTY ("low" tryptose yeast extract agar)
Nitrogen-free broth/agar
Succinate broth
Succinate salts agar
Sea water agar
YEM (yeast extract mannitol) agar
YDC (yeast extract, dextrose, calcium carbonate)
Urate broth
Uric acid agar
TSA/glucose (trypticase soy agar)

Tom Landers

Whitehead Inst. Center for Genome Research
Cambridge, Mass.

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