can aphids carry a vrius?

mackemlad allandoddsNOalSPAM at
Fri Apr 7 18:48:11 EST 2000

It remains unclear regarding TMV transmission by aphids.  Field
epidemiology does not fit well with this being the natural mode
of transmission, and experimental transmission generally fails.
Experimental transmission is possible, but it takes special
situations, i.e. overcrowding of abnormally high numbers of
aphids on infected leaves.  It has been suggested that
"clawing" of leaf surfaces by aphid feet may be involved in this
situation rather than anything to do with feeding behaviours.
The dynamics of experimental TMV/aphid transmission does not
match that of well known virus vector relationships for aphids,
such as for potyviruses or luteoviruses.  Jury is still out on
natural vectors for TMV, other than man/farmers/pickers and
"animals" brushing past plants i.e. mechanical transmission.

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