bacteria and fingernails

Bart van Rotterdam bart.van_rotterdam at
Wed Apr 12 06:25:28 EST 2000

Hi There,

If you do not know from studies that bacteria do grow under artificial
fingernails how in heavens name can you start writing a policy to eliminate
wearing them. Should a scientific approach not be the other way around?
Maybe you could do some research on it your self. It is not that difficult.

Cheers Bart

"Jeffrey Roberts" <robertsjg at> wrote in message
news:38F0C5FC.8AE93D57 at
> I am trying to locate some studies on bacteria growth under artificial
> nails in a hospital setting. I have some but nothing very indepth. Does
> anyone know a good place to look? I am writing a policy for a hospital
> to eliminate wearing artificial nails and need more documentation.
> Thanks in advance.
> Tera

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