Need Advice - Can artificial electron acceptor replace oxygen for an aerobic miroorganism???

Zhang Xiachang xzhang at
Fri Apr 14 01:05:55 EST 2000

I need an advice for my biological fuel cell study. The question is if a
certain artificial electron acceptor can replace oxygen for an aerobic or a
facultative microorganism.

In the study of biological fuel cell, the purpose is to obtain as much as
possible reducing power from the substrate metabolism. If an artificial
electron acceptor rather than oxygen is supplied to an aerobic or a
facultative microorganism metabolism, do you think the NADH produced in the
EMP and TCA pathways will be oxidized back to NAD+ by the artificial
electron acceptor? If the answer is positive,please tell me what kind of
microorganisms behave like that. I appreciate any suggestions from you.

Best regards,

Zhang X

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