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Colin Cunningham c.cunningham at
Tue Apr 18 11:13:56 EST 2000

Hi, a great new web site for biologists!- Yeah Right!
I thought this sort of thing was nonsense until I visited the site. is a unique web site providing scientific product reviews
written by scientists for scientists.

Visit and you can:

* Read reviews of enzymes, reagents, antibodies and kits-find out
other scientists' experiences
* Write reviews of the scientific products you've used 
* Receive a FREE LASER POINTER just for registering
* Get paid to write reviews during's preview phase! 

They'll pay you $25 for the first review you write. Then pay you $10
for each of up to six additional reviews. You must review products in
the database with fewer than five reviews. Write any of your six
additional reviews on a product with no reviews and they'll pay you
$15 (instead of $10) for that review. 

Please sign up using my referrer i.d. "colinc", and spread the word to
your colleagues. Why not make some extra cash?

All of our scientific experiences are valuable and this is a great way
to share them within our community.


Colin Cunningham

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