Review lab products- earn cash

rogier stugerNOstSPAM at
Wed Apr 19 14:40:58 EST 2000

everyone who sends out these 'sign up for biowire' posts should
have the decency to tell you that he/she gets 5 bucks for
everyone who signs up thru his/her URL-with-referrer.

so if you wanna sign up and have the cash sent to someone who
doesn't try to hide this fact, use

I get 5 bucks, you get the laserpointer. they really send them,
it just takes them a month or so to do it. they even paid me for
the reviews I put on their site. I got checks for $135 and the
checks even cleared!
So if you're an underpaid hungry PhD student,go to

and score a week's rent in a few minutes.
Thanks for the 5 bucks,

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