The immune system vs. Creationism

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> This bulletin board does not constitute a forum for creationism.
> Furthermore, it is not a "comfort" board for those who have immunological
> diseases. It is a discussion forum for scientific aspects of immunology,
> initiated by myself and Benny Shomer circa 1992. Let us keep it that way.
> Chlamydia infections will be understood quicker if this board remains
> focussed (and if necessary reforms of the research system are instituted;
> see below).
> Donald Forsdyke. Discussion Leader. Bionet.immunology
> Author of "Tomorrow's Cures Today? How to Reform the Health Research System"
> (Harwood Academic, 2000).
> I hear you Donald, but I was in the forum called and I noticed that you posted something from bionet.immunology.  Is one of us in the wrong place


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