Help Me Decifer My Conflicting Lab Results?

Maggiecttr maggiecttr at
Tue Aug 29 16:05:13 EST 2000

I sent in my 14-days-off-antibiotics (for back-to-back E. Coli and Enterococcus
Facaelis UTIs) to a local lab. They showed negatives on WBC, some occult red
blood cells (I always show that), negative on nitrite, negative on leukocyte
esterace and Trace on bacteria. They did no C&S. The docctor said the report
indicates no infection still present. 

I sent a sample around this same time to another lab that did a broth culture
on my urine. This lab found beta hemolytic strep, but gives no colony count.
they did a sensitivity and recommend augmentin or amoxicillin. 

I hate to go back on antibiotics after being on them 30 days (they ended 21
days ago by now), but have conflicting reports. What do you think? 
I don't have signs of an active infection...I'm fighting post-antibiotic yeast
and some remaining bladder spasms, which my nutritionist and chiropractor are
working on.

Thanks much!
Maggie C.

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