Help ; dehydrated culture media powder

Bob Friedel rfriedel at
Thu Aug 31 09:43:24 EST 2000

*Acumedia 1-800-783-3212
Fluka 1-800-358-5287
Oxoid 1-800-267-6391
Hardy 1-800-266-2222
EM Science 1-800-222-0342
LAB M 1-800-346-7202

* probably the least expensive

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  Simon Lee <pedlcymd at> wrote in message news:8ol96p$3ti$1 at
  Help me.
  I am seeking dehydrated culture media powder - McConky agar powder especially.
  The quality must be compatable with Difco or BBL and the price must be half of Difco price.
  Is there the appropriate culture media powder ?
  Please let me know the web site or email address to buy culture media satisfing above condition.
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