Mueller-Hinton agar

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Sat Dec 2 13:04:51 EST 2000

The main reason the medium is used is because it is recommended by the
NCCLS, which also publishes zone sizes for sensitive and resistant strains.

It is not the best growth medium around because it relies on an acid digest
of casein rather than the standard tryptone.

The medium is low in PABA and thymidine
 which is essential if you are trying to measure the sensitivity of
organisms to sulfonamides and trimethoprim.

The media manufactures go to great lengths to balance the ion content, and
the gel strength to ensure that the product is consistent with the NCCLS


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> Hi, I'm a biomedical student @ UQTR in Trois-Rivieres, PQ, Canada and I'm
> trying to find out why do we use Mueller-Honton media to determine the
> sensibility to an antibiotic. From what I've found so far, it's only a
> nutritive media, without any inhibitors... Is there any other reason to
> choose a M-H agar over a TSA agar (for example)?
> TIA,
> Frederic Langlois

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