Looking for info on estremophiles bacteria

hoggy hoggy at zonvark.wustl.edu
Sun Dec 3 11:32:09 EST 2000

Maybe, these general articles, which have pretty good references, could get you to a good start:
Ann. Rev. Biophys. Bioeng. (1981) 10, 1-67.
Chem. & Eng. News (Dec 18, 1995) 32-42.
Scientific American (Apr 1997) 66-71.

You might also want to look up Mike W. W. Adams who has written quite a lot of
articles on especially enzymes from hyperthermophiles.

Although not directly related to enzymes, there are also databases of thermophiles
and hyperthermophiles that can be downloaded from

Good Luck!


"Berserker[79]" wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm kinda new here, so I hope I'm not asking anything out
> of topic or something that has been already answered
> far too many times.
> I've been assigned a small research about psycrophiles
> and thermophiles bacteria derived enzymes, but so far I
> came up with few info except the usual stuff you can find
> on microbiology books. Can anybody here point me to
> some site dealing with this topic, please?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Paolo
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> the anti-spam stuff from my address. Thanx.

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