cheap probe to detect log growth

Bruce A. Caldwell caldwelb at
Sun Dec 3 19:26:02 EST 2000

HI -- there are commercially available probes for measuring color and optical
density of solutions that use fiber optics to and from a spectrophotometer. I
don't know any particular brands, but they are often in the professional
displays at major science meetings over here (ASM). Check the major
spectrophotometer manufacturers and optical suppliers. Have you checked
Edmund Scientific ??

Bruce Caldwell
Forest Science
Oregon State University
Corvallis Oregon USA

Michael Witty wrote:

> Dear All, I am convinced there must be a better way of finding the log
> phase of growth (for example of a conical flask of E. coli) than
> repeatedly taking 1ml samples and putting them in a spec.
>      My ambition is to have a cheap detector with a probe consisting of a
> light source and photoresistor which can be dangled into my flask and
> record data continuously.
>      But I am a biologist not an electrical engineer.  Does anyone share
> my ambition?  Or know how I can make this happen?  Mike.

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