Mueller-Hinton agar

Toai T NGUYEN ttnguyen at
Wed Dec 6 22:01:20 EST 2000

I came across the following formulations (according to

TSA agar (per litre)

Casein Peptone                    15,0 g
 Soy Peptone                       5,0 g
 Sodium Chloride                   5,0 g
 Agar                             15,0 g
 Defibrinated Sheep Blood         50 ml

                       pH 7,3 +/- 0,2 à 25º C

Mueller-Hinton agar (per litre)

Beef Extract                       2,0 g
 Acid Casein Hydrolysate          17,5 g
 Starch                            1,5 g
 Agar                             17,0 g

                       pH 7,3 +/- 0,1 à 25º C

I really do not know why Mueller-Hinton is preferred over other media for the
screening of antibiotic resistance.  As far as I am concerned, if it ain't
broke, don't fix it!

Toai Nguyen.

Frederic Langlois wrote:

> I think I've read somewhere that it's because antibiotics diffuse better in
> Mueller-Hinton media because it doesn't contain any soaps? Is that True?
> Thanks again...
> > Hi, I'm a biomedical student @ UQTR in Trois-Rivieres, PQ, Canada and I'm
> > trying to find out why do we use Mueller-Honton media to determine the
> > sensibility to an antibiotic. From what I've found so far, it's only a
> > nutritive media, without any inhibitors... Is there any other reason to
> > choose a M-H agar over a TSA agar (for example)?
> >
> > TIA,
> >
> > Frederic Langlois
> >

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