Available a BacT/Alert Automated Microbiological Testing System

Joseph Passero passero at gmx.co.uk
Thu Dec 14 22:10:01 EST 2000

	I have available by auction one complete BacT/Alert Automated Microbiological Testing System.

        This is a currently manufactured, sold and services by Organon Teknika.

        There is no reserve on this auction and the starting bid is $2,500 USD, which is less than
5% of
the current cost of a new instrument. See the following URL:

        The current List price of a new instrument is $54,000.00 USD with out software.

         This Instrument is Three Year Old in Like New Condition, Currently Made and Supported by
Teknika the manufacture.

        This is the industry standard instrument suited for the detection of microbial growth.

        This is the Large (240 bottles) configuration, Complete with Data Management Software

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