help need of extinction coef of p nitrophenyl

Roberto Rosati r.rosati at
Tue Dec 19 04:13:10 EST 2000

Hi Philippe,
I think the best way for you to obtain this data - as well as a good
standard curve - is to use p-nitrophenol as a reference standard, at the
same conditions you're using in your assays.
(Of course, remember to control again your pH after addition of
p-nitrophenol, since it could change at high concentration, and it would
alter the e.c.)
Have good work!


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Subject: help need of extinction coef of p nitrophenyl

>   hey,
> I m using p-nitrophenyl
> alpha-d-glucopyranoside to quantify the
> activity of
> alpha glucosidase i have in my samples, but i
> miss an important data: What
> is the millimolar extinction coefficient of
> p-nitrophenyl at 410nm et at
> 37o C and pH 6.6?
> Thank in adavance for your respons.
> Philippe Giammarinaro


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