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> My informal application to the $1.35 million prize of the
> The Origin-of-Life Foundation :
> [begin quote]
> In order to resolve the mystery of life, it is necessary
> to go back to the time before materialistic reductionism
> (Descartes, Bacon, Galilei) edged out panpsychism (Cusanus,
> Kepler).
> Unfortunately materialistic reductionism is nowadays
> confused with science itself and the explanation of
> life within 'science' has become impossible.
> I have resolved the mystery of the origin of life in a
> very simple and elegant way based on panpsychism.
> To try to publish a paper based on panpsychism "in a
> well-respected, peer-reviewed science journal" is as
> problematic as to publish a scientific refutation of
> a basic premise of catholicism in a well-respected
> publication organ of the Vatican.
> Here the abstract of my theory:
>   "ABSTRACT: The psychon theory is a panpsychist evolution
>   theory based on a continuity from elementary particles to
>   human souls. Elementary particles are like very primitive
>   and basic organisms and we all (our souls) were elementary
>   particles billions of years ago. During evolution our
>   psychons (souls) have been responsible for the behaviour
>   of atoms, molecules, enzymes, living cells, primitive
>   neurons, primitive animals, ... , monkeys and of our
>   ancestors.
>   The psychon theory has very concrete consequences, for
>   instance there must be a limit to the number of human souls,
>   which according to the latest demographic data could be
>   even less than 7 billion."
> A further extract ("Psychons and their Evolution"):
>   "The maturation of a protein from the corresponding chain
>   of amino acids can happen in the following way:
>   <In important (evolutionarily older) sequences of the chain,
>   amino acids become active, that is they are animated by
>   psychons. Because of environment continuity these psychons
>   are the ones which have built up the same protein (or the
>   same sequence of different proteins) innumerable times.
>   These psychons build up protein parts which can be animated
>   as a whole by other psychons which then build up the
>   complete protein.>
>   So it also becomes comprehensible that RNA sequences
>   (introns) are able to cut out themselves or that order is
>   maintained during DNA recombination.
>   During evolution, psychon animated molecules have been
>   joining together in always bigger units. Animated molecules
>   such as amino acids and nucleotides began sometime to form
>   chains. By specialization psychons emerged which dominated
>   such chains. Proteins are conceivable which replicate by
>   adding corresponding amino acids to one chain end, until an
>   identical protein can split off. Reproduction by base
>   pairing of two complementary strands is even more efficient.
>   The invention of translation, a complex symbiosis of various
>   ribosomal psychons, was certainly one of the most essential
>   steps during the evolution of life."
> I have not only successfully defended the theory on the
> discussion forum, but also efficiently
> pointed out (more or less well-known) inconsistencies
> of the currently prevailing neo-Darwinism.
>   "According to the psychon theory, enzymes are like primitive
>   animals. At least proteins and RNA enzymes should have
>   evolved  at first indepentently. Self replicating proteins
>   learned sometime to use short RNA templates in order to
>   accelerate the production of new proteins. This technique
>   was continuously improved not only by pure chance but also
>   by final laws of nature.
>   The emergence of the genetic code can be compared with
>   the emergence of human languages, and the emergence of
>   the highly complex living cell with the emergence of modern
>   cities. All species and evolutionary innovations were
>   designed in a similar way houses, cars or ships have been
>   designed. But at the same time they have evolved by chance
>   in a similar way houses, cars and ships have evolved.
>   If it is true that living cells using the modern genetic
>   code appeared very early on the earth, then it is highly
>   improbable that this very complex code evolved the first
>   time on earth. Such an information transfer from 'cosmic
>   ancestors' to the earth is possible, because an essential
>   part of the information of living systems is stored in the
>   immaterial psychons.
>   We cannot reproduce the behaviour of enzymes of the early
>   earth because their behaviour depends on psychons which have
>   further evolved. So amino acid sequences which would have
>   folded millions or billions of years ago, today do not fold
>   any more. In the same way, sequences which fold today did
>   not fold on the early earth."
> [end quote]
> I'm quite confident not to win the prize, nevertheless,
> from a purely scientific point of view, I would merit
> at least a substantial part of it.

There was no science at all in the above passage. You have no evidence 
for psychons or souls, but you've spun out this entire unfounded, silly 
scenario from them. You claim to have successfully defended this theory 
on TO; I've missed that. I've only seen you spout dogmatic nonsense.


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