? re membrane partitioning

Dr. S. Shapiro toukie at zui.unizh.ch
Fri Dec 22 10:47:15 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues;

        I am seeking references to articles in which the 
partitioning of exogenous hydrophobic compounds into bacterial 
cell membranes has been quantified.  In particular, I'm looking 
for measurements of the amounts of hydrophobic compounds that 
can be taken up by or incorporated into a bacterial membrane.  If 
anyone knows of any references on this subject, I'd appreciate 
your sharing that information with me at your earliest convenience.

Kindly contqact me _directly_ at 

toukie at zui.unizh.ch

because I don't subscribe to this list.

Thanks in advance to all responders,

S. Shapiro
toukie at zui.unizh.ch

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