Does anyone know of how to determine age of virus

John Gentile yjgent at
Mon Dec 25 01:08:06 EST 2000

Well first of all was this a real medical test sent to a real medical lab
ordered by a medical doctor???? There are a lot of sham labs offering all
sorts of "diagnostic" tests that are really meaningless and sometimes

We are infected by all sorts of viruses, and most of them can be called "oh
I must have a 24 hour bug" type thing. Some of these like the Herpes family
can set up residence in our body with little knowledge of the host. They
usually just sit there being pretty dormant until at some point they decide
to emerge. Cold sores and the skin rash of Shingles are a couple of

So with that in mind what did you have tested? What kind of virus did the
report mention? Is this information necessary for your doctor to treat?

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> Subject: Does anyone know of how to determine age of virus
> Recently I had salivia test sent to Gen lab and notice [over the shoulder]
> on the returned report that there was mention of a date I could have
> contracted a stealth virus.
> Does anyone know anymore about this.
> tks
> swink

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