Does anyone know of how to determine age of virus

Mike Swink mswink at
Mon Dec 25 15:45:26 EST 2000

All really I want to know if it is true that there is an effort to date when
a virus comes into a person's body.
There is great legal implications. Plus many key issues dealing with the
ablity to have disablity if this could be proven.
 While there are those who are on disablity that should not be,There is
however some of us that are denied help due to the inablity of us showing a
test that does not exist or recongnized that shows a real disablity.
Many with CFS and other so called stealth viruses find it almost impossible
to get any help.

 Also according to CCID and a few informed
discussion groups that are trying to support those who are dying and at the
same time being given a run around by doctors who say it is all in thier
head. The issue of determing the time and date of entry could really help.

90&% of the American people who go for preemployment are unaware that the
testing lab issues a A or B rating to employer and 99% of those who are
turned down for jobs due to B rateing are unaware that it was due to virus
or other problems.

The legal written document showing how it is possible for such companies
knowing there is something wrong with a person but does not tell them is
well documented by the leading testing group at AUI This page has to be read more
than once to SEE what it so craftley done.
The findings of AUL is almost opposite of those by CDC.Also it can be
infered that they do collect and study a wide range of illness in the USA
and profit from the collection of this dna data ever single day a person
goes to get a preemployment test.

Some groups which I will not name plead for money to test people while at
the same time AUL and others have more data than anyone can imagine
concerning the spreading of viruses accross america.
It was not till I became very ill that I was after weeks of test shown to
have life threating illness. And later investigations showed that companies
had denied me VALUABLE TIME because they were afraid to tell me I had an
illness. Any health problem is better treated ASAP.

"Mike Swink" <mswink at> wrote in message
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> Recently I had salivia test sent to Gen lab and notice [over the shoulder]
> on the returned report that there was mention of a date I could have
> contracted a stealth virus.
> Does anyone know anymore about this.
> tks
> swink

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