R: API Rapid20E

WasGross wasgross at aol.com
Mon Dec 25 19:32:40 EST 2000

    I think it can often be what one is use to. Our lab uses Microscan (rapid
and conventional )and API 20E's (rarely). I can inoculate an API rather quickly
but having also been in Micro for 26 years I gained experience with them when
we used them as the only ID system in our lab many years ago.
    I found the bubbles in the Vitek cards a big pain. But I know labs that use
the Vitek and love it. The lab I work in has only "looked" at it and never used
it on a regular basis.
  What LIS does the lab you work in use, Judy?
  Do you use Lim Broths for GBS?
  I like to chat with other Clinical Lab Microbiologists.
  Oh... I do not work for API or Microscan.

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