Microbiology related companies in Michigan

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>Pfizer bought out Parke-Davis about a year ago.
>Dilworth <bactitech at hortonsbay.com> wrote:
>: Parke-Davis has some sort of facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Difco used 
>: also have an office in Ann Arbor, and another facility in Detroit, but now 
>: they've merged I'm not sure what's up with them.
>: Good luck!
>: Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
>: Microbiology
>: Sesoku wrote:
>:> Hey everyone,
>:> I am starting to look for a job for after my graduation in May.  I will 
>:> a BS in Microbiology from MSU.  I just want to know the names of any micro
>:> related companies and businesses in Michigan ......

There are at least two companies in East Lansing; but I don't know their
names off hand.  One makes and markets monoclonal antibiodies and related
test kits.  Not really microb, but at least related.

I think the company that makes anthrax vaccine is also located in either
Lansing or East Lansing, but I might be wrong. 

It is hard to find employment in microbiology.  Though it is the most
practical of the biosciences, its primary utility is in clinical diagnosis,
and typically to get those type of jobs requires a degree in medical 
technology instead of biology.

Still, you might just try bunches of hospitals, especially if you have
some solid course work in medical microbiology/diagnostics.

There might also be (don't know just guessing) a State Dept. of Health
office somewhere in Lansing-- with  a diagnositc lab.  Try that.

Whatever you do, don't go for a graduate degree in micro thinking that
doing so will improve you job chances.

This is how it works.  If the jobs are not there for folks with the BS
degree, they won't be there if you get an MS or PHD.  

The latter is mostly good only for landing academic positions and those
are really hard to get; tenure (permanency) is even harder these days.

Sorry for a slightly spirit lowering message.  

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