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>[Mr. Morphology - cool name!  What morphology are you? - gram negative? gram
>positive? hemolytic?]

Definitely Gram variable. Sometimes hot-safranin red; sometimes cool blue.
Hemolytic, virulent, produces numerous exotoxins in the form of usenet

>MM raised a good point.  In medical laboratories, you must have minimally a 
>certification, and even then they probably won't let you do much.  Virtually 
>of our microbiologists are MT (ASCP) certified, which involves a year 
>at a training facility.  There is beginning to be a shortage of MT's so now 
may be
>a good time to look into training.  You can get more information from:
>Don't necessarily believe the burned out nay-sayers.  The average age of the
>medical technologist in this country is 48-50.  In ten to fifteen years there 
>be a MAJOR shortage.  Look into training NOW.  A MT certification will allow 
>to work in all areas of the clinical laboratory.  New kids right out of school 
>our area are getting $18/hour to start plus sign-on bonuses of $2000.  Not all
>areas of the country pay this well, however, but the shortage will put 
pressure on
>employers to raise wages or risk having no one do their lab work.
>Research work is a different ball game entirely and MT certification isn't
>particularly needed, and the work is quite different - so much so that I won't
>begin to speculate on what they do.  In these types of jobs, higher level 
>are probably more important.  In clinical labs, most of the people that get 
>degrees go on into management and get MBA's.
>There are other certifying agencies besides ASCP, but they're the most well 
>and the one employers ask for in their ads for laboratory personnel.
>Good luck.
>Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
>Microbiology 26 years
>"Mr. Morphology" wrote:
>> ...It is hard to find employment in microbiology.  Though it is the most
>> practical of the biosciences, its primary utility is in clinical diagnosis,
>> and typically to get those type of jobs requires a degree in medical
>> technology instead of biology........

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