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WasGross wasgross at aol.com
Wed Dec 27 10:41:08 EST 2000

  Thank you for your response. I completed training in July, 1975. I worked for
about 4 months in Hematology and the remaining years in Microbiology. I love
Microbiology. I find it fascinating. There seems to always be a mystery bug to
   I was glad to see you inoculate a BAP with the LIM broth. Have you noticed
if Enterococci inhibits GBS in LIM Broth? There was poster session at the ASM
this year about it. Unfortunately, the authors were not there. Our lab has seen
GBS on original plate and not from LIM at times, though rarely. We often
wondered why. There are some labs that only inoculate the LIM for GBS. I worry
that they might miss it. 
    What does your lab look for in Genitals specimens, not GBS only? We have
seen Haemophilus predominating which we report but are not sure what it means.
Once we had a near pure culture of S.pneumo. What do you do with pure GNR's
from them?
    Our lab uses Paperless, Cerner. Its okay. I think computer systems are like
id systems and it becomes what your use to. Same thing with Mac and EMB. 
     I do think Microscan is messy. Too much "primordial juice" to toss. But
they can be read by hand which is nice. Several years ago we used Sensitre.
Very nice inoculating system but the technical support was lacking for us so we
went back to Microscan
     Thank you, again for chatting.

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