microbiology resources

Len rabeez at ihug.co.nz
Sat Dec 30 07:59:38 EST 2000

thanks everyone for your replies,

ive already looked at medscape / medline etc. over my years of study, but
find that most of what i find are just abstracts.
i am currently on holiday, so i thought to take the time to think of and
look around for info that may help me choose my topic.
i'll be starting my 4th year in BMLS (bachelor of medical laboratory
science) and have already specialized in medical microbiology, this year i
will also be specializing in immuno and haematology.  (lucky me i get to do
3 majors instead of just one or two)  it will be a full year before i do my
clinical placement in micro and thought to 'refresh' my micro by doing my
research project in it this year.
with 2 full months before i start back at uni, i figured i should get
started anyhow...

your replies a great place to start before meeting with course supervisors
and library

thanks again and happy new year and holidays    :-)
"Len" <rabeez at ihug.co.nz> wrote in message
news:92g6ls$ghm$1 at lust.ihug.co.nz...
> hi everyone, i will be undertaking a reasearch project over the course of
> 2001 for my degree, and would like to know of any good resources for all
> things microbiological, especially focus on bacteriology.
> any websites with article that are full;
> any journals to find at the library;
> any other publications...texts..recommendations
> what are people currently researching in and out of the lab??
> thanks in advance

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