What is the cause of urine smell?

R.H. Voogd voogdr at avebe.com
Tue Feb 1 03:10:37 EST 2000

I was told in chemistry class more than thirty years ago that the smell of
urine was mostly generated by the decomposition of ureum into ammonia. If
you  use alcaline cleaners this process is faster because the ammonia is
evaporated more quickly. If you use excess water this is also true.

3S wrote:

> Dear reader,
> Currenlty I am developing a public urinal for placement in public space.
> One of the main problems is that the existing urinals stink. This smell
> causes people not to use the urinal and urinate elsewhere.
> To solve this smell problem it is required to get a good insight in its
> causes.
>    *      What causes the smell of urine and what reactions and bacteria
>      play a part in this?
>    *      What are the circumstances under which the smell appears?
>    *      Does the layer of ureum that forms on frequently urinated
>      spots contribute to the smell?
> Thank you!

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