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Wed Feb 2 06:21:48 EST 2000

>I am trying to find information about the microbiological characteristics
>bread and hotplate goods (eg, crumpets and pancakes):

May I suggest:

I. Jenson (1997) Bread and Baker’s Yeast in B.J.B. Wood (ed.) Microbiology
of Fermented Foods. 2nd ed. Glasgow: Blackie A&P. p. 172-198.

In this review the manufacture of bread and use of S. cerevisiae and other
yeasts are covered. It also deals with spoilage organisms that may be found
in bread.

I. Jenson, L. Baird and J. Delves-Broughton (1994) The use of nisin as a
preservative in crumpets. J. Food Protection 57(10)874-877

This is a short report of work we did to control B. cereus in crumpets- a
cause of a few cases of food poisoning here in Australia (flapjacks and
pikelets too). You'll find some references to these cases in the paper.

In high moisture hot plate products staphylococci can be a problem, also
yeasts and moulds. Some papers on the use of modified atmospheres to control
spoilage have been published.

Please contact me directly if you have any more specific questions.

Ian Jenson

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