Review of "Penicillin: A Paradigm for Biotechnology"

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Wed Feb 2 16:06:21 EST 2000

> "R. I. Mateles" wrote:
> A reveiw of this book appeared in "Microbiology Today," the
> quarterly magqazine of the Society for General Microbiology.
> The reviewer wrote, in part, "These fascinating papers are retained
> and two further chapters included bringing the penicillin
> up-to-date.  This text should be essential reading for both students
> and established scientists with an interest in industrial
> microbiology."


Sure.  right.  I'm gonna go out and put down some $ for the book.

The British made penicillin in bedpans (lots and lots of bedpans), the
Americans used vats.  Cottage industry vs industrialization.  Is that

An American janitor solved the problem of properly dosing Penicillium
culture is phenylacetic acid to make penicillin-G.  He was so
goddamned pisised off about cleaning up after chemists and their trial
time-release derivatines of phenylaceitc acid... (which smells like
cat piss).  Fascinating.

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