Oral Sex Confirmed Deadly

Thomas Keske TKeske at mediaone.net
Wed Feb 2 19:31:51 EST 2000


Hopefully everyone noticed this news item, and is trying
to get the word out as quickly as possible.   These are excerpts
from a 2/2/2000 Boston Globe article, "Risk of AIDS from
oral sex is confirmed", by Richard Knox:

   "The risk of transmitting the AIDS virus through oral sex
     is higher than experts previously thought, according to a
     government study unveiled yesterday.

     About 8 percent of a group of 102 gay and bisexual men
      acquired the human immunuodeficiency virus through
      oral-genital contact, researchers found - four to eight
      times higher than many scientists believed.  Moreover,
      this is probably an underestimate of the risk, one
      federal health official said.

     Oral transmission of HIV does NOT require that a
     person have open sores or bleeding gums, the CDC
     official said."

I have been hammering on the dangers of oral sex for
quite some time, to little avail, just as I been hammering on
the suspicious origins of AIDS, for some time, to little
avail.    Last, year, I had a Letter to the Editor in Bay Windows,
Boston's largest gay paper, on this very subject.

A few people have agreed, but many refused to listen.
I stopped donating to the Boston AIDS Action Committee,
and started donating to other AIDS groups instead, after
failing in repeated letters to dissuade from the slogan that
"Oral sex is safer sex."

They said that this didn't imply complete safety.  I said that
it implied a significant amount of safety, if not 100%.
It implied that oral sex was overall a "responsible"
thing to do, with little absolute risk.   This, in essence,
is what they indeed chose to believe..

There was already sufficient data to implicate oral
sex, if a majority had been willing to listen and admit
what was there in front of them.    I had tried to present
evidence from existing studies.

What this misinformation is responsible for, is unknown
thousands of dead and dying gay men.

Some died because gay men didn't want the party to end,
and wouldn't listen to reality.

They may have also died in part because some elements
in government and science didn't really care to be
thorough enough before issuing advice.   This may
have been sloppiness, or it may have been motivated
in part by the same indifference that led our government to
ignore AIDS so much as they did in the early days of
the epidemic.

It was a helpless outrage, to have a vision in the
mind, of thousands of men getting infected because
careless advice and lack of study, and being unable
to do anything about it.  Now, at least, the truth
comes out- far too late for many of the dead and
dying.   It is justified to question if there may have
even been elements who intended it that way.

It might also be cause to look again at the vocal,
ignored, and reviled minority who claims that the
origins of this epidemic need more serious
questioning and examination.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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