Review of "Penicillin: A Paradigm for Biotechnology"

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> > "R. I. Mateles" wrote:
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> > A reveiw of this book appeared in "Microbiology Today," the
> > quarterly magqazine of the Society for General Microbiology.
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> > The reviewer wrote, in part, "These fascinating papers are retained
> > and two further chapters included bringing the penicillin
> > up-to-date.  This text should be essential reading for both students
> > and established scientists with an interest in industrial
> > microbiology."
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> Sure.  right.  I'm gonna go out and put down some $ for the book.
> The British made penicillin in bedpans (lots and lots of bedpans), the
> Americans used vats.  Cottage industry vs industrialization.  Is that
> "fascinating?"
> An American janitor solved the problem of properly dosing Penicillium
> culture is phenylacetic acid to make penicillin-G.  He was so
> goddamned pisised off about cleaning up after chemists and their trial
> time-release derivatines of phenylaceitc acid... (which smells like
> cat piss).  Fascinating.
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