Stability of cerebrospinal fluid for PCR analysis

David Johnston dmj7 at
Sun Feb 6 17:37:49 EST 2000

On 4 Feb 2000 20:04:29 -0000, j-egi-a at ("Jan Egil Afset")
>Do anyone have experience with the quality of PCR anlysis of =
>cerebrospinal fluid for viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA after long =
>periods (months) storage at suboptimal conditions (eg room/ fridge/-20 =
>degree C tp). Do anyone know about not so expensive transport containers =
>(fridge tp/ -20 or -70 degree c) that can be used for intercontinental =
>air transport?
>Jan Egil Afset

Hi Jan!  
You bet.  The RNA will be tough if it's not been frozen, but -20 is
fine for some viruses in CSF.  Room temp, don't even bother.  With
bacteria, it depends on the organism.  

As for transport, we have lots of transport containers that are fairly
inexpensive.  Email me at work and I'll contact our specimen
management department to get you the information on where to purchase

Good luck!

Dr. David M. Johnston
johnstd at

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