Doctor's Reign of Death

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One cannot help but to see the irony of a front-page story
in today's Boston Globe (Sunday, Feb. 6, 2000):

       "The Diabolical Case of the Deadly Doctor".

This is very similar to the title of a book that was once written
by Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D.:

     "AIDS and the Doctors of Death"

The Globe story was about Britain's new, most notorious
serial murder case of modern times, involving an unassuming
family doctor who has been sentenced to 15 life sentences
for murdering 15 women patients with fatal overdoses of
heroin.   Police were considering bringing 23 other murder charges
against Shipman, and did not rule out the possibility that he
may have killed nearly 200 people in this 20-year career.

Last year, there was similar case of a murderous Dr. Swango,
educated in Ohio, who was convicted of serial murder, and
suspecting of killing up to 60 persons while in Africa.

As with Swango, Dr. Shepard's murders did not appear to
be "mercy" killings.  To the contrary, they showed lack of all
mercy.   They appeared to be for the sake of a sheer, perverted
sense of power, and what is described as a "God complex".

The thought of 60 murders or 200 murders is shocking
enough.   How shocking would 30 to 50 million or
more murders be?

That is the premise of Alan Cantwell's book- that the AIDS
epidemic was started through contaminated vaccines given
to gays in New York and San Francisco, and given to
millions of black Africans.

The theories promoted by Cantwell and others have been
met by derision in many quarters, and largely ignored
in many others.

It might be appropriate to consider how the fiasco in
Britain managed to take place, without detection.

John Shaw, who ran a one-man taxi business looked at
a list of who died after visiting Dr. Shipman, and came to
the chilling conclusion that Shipman must be murdering

But for more than four years, Shaw dared to share his
suspicions only with his wife.   Kathy Shaw told her
husband that he would be made a laughingtock, and
perhaps thrown in jail, if he sullied the reputation of
the town's beloved family doctor on the flimsiest of

"I was just a taxi driver,' said Shaw, a gentle man
with thick eyeglasses.  "Doctors are like gods".

Even some doctors had suspicions, but they, too,
were slow to point a finger.

With AIDS, there are scientists also who share the
suspicions.  Again, to voice those suspicions is
to risk becoming a pariah.

As with AIDS, and the link of experimental hepatitis B
vaccines given to gay men, the case built against
Dr. Shipman was statistical in nature.   Other doctors
compared the mortality rate of their 9800 patients against
Shipman's 3500 patients.   They realized that 41 of Shipman's
patients had died suddenly, compared to just 14 of theirs.

They felt that this was suspicious.   However, Dr. Patel,
one of those involved, said "such a small statistical
pool meant little."

I challenge that statement.   The data above was a natural
thing to feed into a computer program that I had recently
written, and am attempting to use to prove the link of
hepatitis B vaccines  to the outbreak of AIDS.   Below is
the program output, computing the odds of the above figures,
by random chance alone.    The total number of patients
was (9800 + 3500) = 13300.  Shipman's share of the total
patients was 3500.  Of the (41 +  14) = 55 deaths,  a total
of 41 belonged to Shipman's group.   What are the odds?

    total group size

  Subgroup size = 3500
  Total group size = 13300
  Sample size = 55
  n = 41

  PROBABILITY IS:   1.01642e-13

This is a range of 10 to the -13th power:  astronomically

If the doctors had a better understanding in computing
odds, they would have realized that they had they a
fully compelling case, and might have saved additional
lives more quickly.

Many people have said, "Show me some proof, and
then I will believe you", in regard to contaminated vaccines
sparking the AIDS epidemic.   They consider their demands
to be evidence of their own superior intellectual
functions and high, critical standards.

It is evidence of their foolish apathy.  Instead of sitting
back and demanding to be presented with proof on a
silver platter, they could be helping to do some of
the hard work needed to find that proof.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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