Martin Rottman rottman at
Thu Feb 10 16:16:28 EST 2000

To add another perspective to the subject :

- don't researchers starting on a new subject first read general reviews
that bring them up to date on a subject they haven't followed closely
for some time ?
- isn't the search for synthetic material to study an important part of
intelligent learning ?
- when you have an immense field of knowledge to review in a short time
for a life-determining exam, is it really time to explore it
thouroughly, even though it may be completely out of your field of
interest ?

I would rather have someone intelligently read and learn a well done
synthetic review than misunderstand a 2,000 pages treaty on antibiotics
and antibiotherapy...
Perhaps teachers should have provided Mr. Hammerton with appropriate
material in the first place.

M. Rottman
Interne des Hôpitaux de Paris

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