Errol E.S.Kwan at
Thu Feb 10 19:25:41 EST 2000

I agree, and I should think that this information should have been
covered in lectures.  I mean there should have been some work for you
to do before the exam, unless there are exams being offered where
there is no formal teaching.  Shouldn't you at least have some notes
of some sort.  I've had papers where there were no lectures but was
given assignments in order to learn about the topic so I was prepared
for the exam.

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000 18:04:55 -0500, Dilworth <dilworth at>

>I think if you're taking an examination in a month or less, if these words
>don't ring a bell, then you're in trouble:  penicillins, macrolides,
>quinolones, tetracyclines, cephalosporins, etc..
>Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
>Haydn Hammerton wrote:
>>  I am looking for some information on antibiotics, not too involved, but
>> covering the main families.  With information on modes of action,
>> sensitivity patterns, resistance and use.  Can anyone help me? as I have an
>> exam in March.

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