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Thu Feb 10 20:44:58 EST 2000

I guess you didn't notice that the posting you were applauding was also
suggesting that Mr. Hammerton should do his own research/homework?  Neither
Rottman nor you provided any particular direction toward an answer.

David Johnston wrote:

> On Thu, 10 Feb 2000 22:16:28 +0100, Martin Rottman
> <rottman at> wrote:
> >I would rather have someone intelligently read and learn a well done
> >synthetic review than misunderstand a 2,000 pages treaty on antibiotics
> >and antibiotherapy...
> >Perhaps teachers should have provided Mr. Hammerton with appropriate
> >material in the first place.
> [Standing ovation!]
> It's amazing to me that some academic research professors spend more
> bandwidth chastising an individual for asking a question than it would
> have taken to point the individual towards an answer.
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