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Steve Stoddard sstod at
Thu Feb 10 21:26:38 EST 2000

Caelan Santa Cruz wrote:

> My name is Shane Fitzgerald and I am with Spellex Corporation and have
> previously posted requests for people to beta test our new Biotech spell
> checker.  I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into what the
> most commonly used or the most comprehensive and helpful dictionaries are,
> specifically tailored to the biotech bioscience industries.  We are always
> trying to add more words and improve upon our spell checkers, however, not
> being directly in the field it is hard to determine what professionals
> consider to be "can't live without" reference materials.  Any information
> that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  All information
> provided will be incorporated into our release program expanding the
> usefulness and overall power of our spell checker.  Thank You in advance.
> Shane Fitzgerald
> sfitzgerald at
> Spellex Corporation

Go to the following URL and search on 'dictionary'

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