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>  For me, using the
> internet to short circuit a trawl through an academic library *is* using
> initiative.  

Depends whether you want someone to spoonfeed you the answer or to tell 
you where to look.

For example, if I'm interested in working with someone who has a project 
addressing the regulation of spon in response to wibble, then I'd do a 
PubMed search.  If that failed to turn up anything then I'd probably ask 
an appropriate froup, but say what research I'd already attempted.

OTOH, if I were an undergraduate being asked to find out about the 
regulation of spon in response to wibble then, if I asked about it I'd 
ask for pointers, so an answer such as 'Look at PubMed: '
would be useful.

Just my tuppence.


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