This newsgroup is utterly dreadful....

Bill_A_Nussbaumer at Bill_A_Nussbaumer at
Fri Feb 11 09:05:52 EST 2000

Bill A Nussbaumer at BDX
02/11/2000 08:50 AM

Kind of an ironic post wouldn't you say?

Bill Nussbaumer

Microbiology on the web????  Where? Newsgroups maybe? - nope! bionet.microbiology - nope!

What is wrong with microbiologists?  The internet is a mass of
information, very little of it microbiology related.  Take this
newsgroup for instance, very few of the posts have more than one or two
replies and the most responded to message has absolutely nothing to do
with microbiology anyway.  A quick search for microbiology on the net
reveals the occasional links site with links outdated by about two
years or academic schools of microbiology with pictures of gurning
lecturers and no resources.  Utterly dreadful.

....and before anyone says 'Go on then, you do better', I am already in
the process of making a site, and it can't be any worse than whats
already out there.  If I get a reply to this post, that is


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