it doesn't have to be dreadful

Danielle Harvey dharvey at
Fri Feb 11 09:18:00 EST 2000

I, also, would love to see more microbio being shared and talked about
here.  I am new to the newsgroup by 1 month and have yet to see any string
of news come along much related to microbio.  So here goes, if anyone is
waiting for someone to start...

I am working with P. stutzeri, trying to see expression of nitrate
reductase.  I am growing it in anaerobic minimal media with a nitrate
headspace trying to encourage denitrification.  I am also growing it in
aerobic minimal media.  Unfortunately, it is not growing well under either
conditions.  I have tried 2 slightly different minimal media's, including
Tanner's.  Basically, I have a nice happy culture growing in LB with off
the scale optical densities.  Then I centrifuge the cultures, pellet the
cells, wash with minimal media and resuspend in minimal media.  I expect
the long lag phase I've been getting since the bugs are in a less rich
media, but then they won't double beyond the first time.  I know they are
still alive for the week that I moniter before giving up and that they are
remembering their rich LB home for that first doubling.  I've tried various

concentrations of vitamins and trace metals and now am at a loss as to how
to successfully grow them.  Paper's have been published with P. stutzeri
growm in minimal media with & w/out O2 so I know it can be done.  Any



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