Bacteria counting

Susanne Beckert susanne.beckert at
Fri Feb 11 10:24:40 EST 2000

Hello all,
we are looking for a convenient method to count bacteria other than OD
(too inaccurate) or cfu counting (too time consuming). I looked for
special cell stains in the molecular probes catalogue. We dont have a
flow cytometer at hand but probably an elisa plate reader able to
messure fluorescence. But which dye would be the best to enter gram+
Is there even a dye that will distinguish dead from living cells? OK,
there is e.g. sytox green, that exclusively enters dead cells but I need
it vice versa. And it can not be a stain that needs a certain time to
react (like tetrazolium salts) because bacteria would divide in that
Any experience with such stains? Or is there a completely different,
accurate and time saving method for counting bacteria I am not aware of?
We have to count lots of samples and counting cfu on plates for hours is
really a waste of time.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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