Tranformation of Serratia

Trond Erik Vee Aune teva at
Sat Feb 12 04:00:26 EST 2000


Sorry for me haste and inaccurate posting. I'll try to clear up a bit:

> Does anyone here know how to transform Serratia without using
> electrophoresis?

I mean electroporation.

> I have a plasmid I'd like to get into my Serratia. I've
> searched for information but haven't found any methods. The only thing I
> know is that Serratia is hard to transform because of an exonuclease.

The exonuclease would not represent a problem since I'm using a plasmid. And
the problem with transforming is not just because of this nuclease but also
because of an O-antigen.

> A tip I've got is to transform a Hrf-strain of E.coli and then conjugate
> the plasmid into Serratia from this E.coli. Any comments to this
> approach?

I mean Hfr.

And in a attempt to avoid more confusion here's what I hope to do:

I want to introduce a plasmid with a transposon and a gene for resistance
towards some antibiotics into Serratia. The plasmid should not be able to
replicate.Hopefully the transposon will be able to insert itself into the
gene for red pigment (prodigiosin). Then I'll select for this by looking for
white colonies on a plate with the antibiotic of choice.
The problem is to get the plasmid into the Serratia.

Trond Erik Vee Aune

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