Tom Keske - a total idiot?

Thomas Keske TKeske at
Sat Feb 12 14:56:47 EST 2000

> There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
> Than are dreamt of in your philosophy

Paranoid, who is to say, but it is probably safe to say
that the truest idiot is the person who would argue
with a paranoid.

My friend, I got honors in college, taking subjects
like relativity, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics,
and computer engineering.  Ignorance of microbiology
does not equate to being uneducated.

I am a data communications software engineer
by profession (25 years).

I have friends who are MENSA members with
IQs in the stratosphere, who could probably dance
rings around you.   They enjoy my company quite
well, over decades, thank you.  I wouldn't care for
things that smack of "snob club", myself.  However,
I am not easily intimidated by professional credentials.

I am not a microbiologist.   Forgive me if I have any
technical inaccuracies, but that is after all the entire
reason that I'm here.   Believe it or not, I can tell the
difference, when someone is reporting a definite
technical error, as opposed to merely spouting prejudiced
personal opinion, or contrived propaganda, or childish

I have every right to presume to investigate a subject
that so much impacts my life and my kind, whether it
is in my field, or not.

If there is any paranoia involved in this, I assure you that
is not a product of any mental illness, gullibility, or
stupidity.  It is a perfectly justified reaction to living
in a society where your kind is unfairly marginalized,
and hatemongers are considered respectable, and the
government has a sordid history of scandal and
covert treachery.

As a microbiologist, you may be brilliant.  Socially
and politically, I think that you are a total idiot.

I had put some of these ideas to verse, which I
will share you:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


You may have your plausible deniability
But it does not equate to credibility
You cannot sue me for my liability
A lawless land imposes no responsibility
To assume you innocent until proven guilty

We have no way to know of clever deception
Even monstrous truths, far beyond our conception
In the cave where we live, we only perceive
bits and pieces of clues that we sometimes receive
Of ultimate Truth, we know nothing at all
Only shapes of the shadows, cast on the wall

Do not interpret this as a personal threat
But someday, you must pay your debt
Our sadistic Big Brother of the Internet

You made us swim with the sharks in the sea
You told us to be grateful, because we were so "free"
You spat on our dignity, so constantly
You treated our humanity, so carelessly
And now you complain most bitterly,
to be faced with the birth of anarchy

Oh, say can you see, those sharks in the sea?
Or is it just shadows, that seem so scary?
When the threat is death, what becomes our duty?

The Philosopher Fish who has seen the light
knows what to do, when in a shark fight
When faced with a threat you can't see in the dark
Just kill everything that looks like it might be a shark

If it turns out to be tuna, well that is a pity
But don't think that we owe you an apology
If you do not wish in the sea, to the bottom to go
Take greatest of care, of the shadow you throw

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