Career in the Microbio Sciences

Matt Teeter vmj_teeter at
Sun Feb 13 10:56:44 EST 2000

Hello everyone,

I am interested in cells, especially disease / viruses, etc, and am very
interested in a career in biotechnology or biomedicine. What I would like to
know is what would be the best education for such? Luckily, I live in an
area (in Canada) that offers many, many different programs. Microbiology,
molecular biology, biochemistry, pathology, and immunology. Basically, what
degree should I go for? I can get a regular B.Sc. in any of the areas
mentioned above (except for pathology) or I can get a co-op B.Sc. in
Microbiology which is a six year program instead of 4, and has two years of
lab work mixed in. I can also get an M.Sc. or a Ph.D. in any of those areas.
Also, I have been looking at getting an M.D. and then doing a residency in
Pathology or a similar program, and then getting into clinical research.
What are your thoughts on this? I am mostly interested in doing research
(i.e. cancer).


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