This newsgroup is utterly dreadful....

Milton milton_pace at
Sun Feb 13 13:52:22 EST 2000

Bully for you on your web site. If you dont like this news group why
dont you just push off


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> Bill A Nussbaumer at BDX
> 02/11/2000 08:50 AM
> Kind of an ironic post wouldn't you say?
> Bill Nussbaumer
> Microbiology on the web????  Where? Newsgroups maybe?
> - nope! bionet.microbiology - nope!
> What is wrong with microbiologists?  The internet is a mass of
> information, very little of it microbiology related.  Take this
> newsgroup for instance, very few of the posts have more than one or
> replies and the most responded to message has absolutely nothing to do
> with microbiology anyway.  A quick search for microbiology on the net
> reveals the occasional links site with links outdated by about two
> years or academic schools of microbiology with pictures of gurning
> lecturers and no resources.  Utterly dreadful.
> ....and before anyone says 'Go on then, you do better', I am already
> the process of making a site, and it can't be any worse than whats
> already out there.  If I get a reply to this post, that is
> ---

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