Career in the Microbio Sciences

whoami whoami at
Wed Feb 16 10:26:45 EST 2000

In article <88bt2e$27v$0 at>, arthures at says...
>I don't think "whoami" is in Jim Hu's lab (I know whoami),

Me is WHOAMI.  Don't know Jim Hu, No WAY!
Don't work in his lab.
Don't work for TAMU either though I have that domain name.

And never met him.  Don't even know what department he is in; Med School,
Vet School; Bio; Genetics; Ent; Agric; etc.

Now let me get this straight-- Was he claiming elsewhere  that fresh PhDs from
his lab. get 70 K?

Jim, are you in engineering or 'puter sci?

I know DVM PHDs who don't get that salary level after years of employment.

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