Filter problem

BjornP eped at
Wed Feb 16 15:40:59 EST 2000

You could try Whatman in the UK.
They have taken over the Nuclepore membrane range.

Bjorn P
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> We are having problems buying good quality, black membrane filters
>(0.02um) to use for tasks such as DAPI counts.  We used to get Poretics but
>then the supplier changed them to MSI (I think the company was taken over)
>these stuck together and then they were changed to Osmonics (a name which
>to be on the Poretics box too).  We've had problems with these too - patchy
>distribution of filtered bacteria and they give a  blue rather than black
>background.  As of last week they have stopped selling them altogether..
> Could someone  (preferably in the UK) give me the name/address of a
>suppler please?
> Any help appreciated...before we run out!!
> Cheers
> Karen

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