ATP Bacterial Swabs

judson jonindyNOjoSPAM at
Wed Feb 16 18:02:06 EST 2000

Our processing facility uses ATP swabs to test surfaces for
cleanliness. We use an iodine solution of 25-75ppm for
sanitation after washing equipment.
We are having problems with the results of swabs taken from
wet surfaces.  The acceptable limit on our reader is less
than 0 but our iodine solution yields counts in the 5000
range.  We have checked the iodine for bacteria and none is
present.  We get NO help from our supplier who says that
the ATP swabs should work on either dry or wet surfaces.
Has anyone has similar problems using ATP swabs for testing
sanitation?  Are there chemicals that simulate ATP and can
cause a false luminance that is counted by the reader?

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