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Wed Feb 16 20:55:05 EST 2000

Russell Martin (russell.martin at wrote:
: Arthur Sowers wrote:
: > On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Russell Martin wrote:
: > > giner wrote:
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: > I though that's what he meant anyway. Live in your boxes, move in your
: > boxes, live in them again. When I was a grad student, I lived in a
: > trailer. A real cardboard box. I heard about a micro-b grad student who
: > lived on nutrient agar, pilfered from the micro-b student lab stores,
: > throughout his grad student days.

I have some friend who were REALLY dirt poor as graduate students
way back, to the point that one day for a special treat they 
"borrowed" a lab rabbit and cooked it.  After throwing up, they 
said that it had tasted just like the foul food that the lab used
to feed the animals.  I never had the guts to ask how they knew what
lab animal chow tasted like.

josh halpern

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