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Gisella Galarza gisella_G at
Thu Feb 17 07:24:38 EST 2000

I,m currently doing a pathology course in Australia, I think you should go
for it, cause when you finish you can  work in any field you wish to cause
you'll get an excellent trainig in all subjectssubjects such as immunology,
histotechnolgy clinical chemistry etc. Do pathology is an excellent course
triust me.
But before you do make any decision you should always discuss it with GOD>
God bless you
Matt Teeter <vmj_teeter at> wrote in message
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> Hello everyone,
> I am interested in cells, especially disease / viruses, etc, and am very
> interested in a career in biotechnology or biomedicine. What I would like
> know is what would be the best education for such? Luckily, I live in an
> area (in Canada) that offers many, many different programs. Microbiology,
> molecular biology, biochemistry, pathology, and immunology. Basically,
> degree should I go for? I can get a regular B.Sc. in any of the areas
> mentioned above (except for pathology) or I can get a co-op B.Sc. in
> Microbiology which is a six year program instead of 4, and has two years
> lab work mixed in. I can also get an M.Sc. or a Ph.D. in any of those
> Also, I have been looking at getting an M.D. and then doing a residency in
> Pathology or a similar program, and then getting into clinical research.
> What are your thoughts on this? I am mostly interested in doing research
> (i.e. cancer).
> Thanks,
> Matt

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