Lobbying for fair pay

David Lawton dhlawton at clara.co.uk
Thu Feb 17 15:22:15 EST 2000

On Wednesday 5th April between 1pm and 3.30pm,
MSF members will be lobbying their MPs on the issue of fair pay for all NHS

Separate lobbies will also take place at the Scottish Parliament, Welsh
Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly (details may vary).

This comes in the wake of pay offers to non-Pay Review Body staff of 3.25%
compared to the 3.4% to those covered by the Pay Review Body with 70,000
receiving between 7-8%.

There are 60,000 professional, scientific and technical staff outside the
Pay Review Body who have been excluded.

Over the last 15 years we have suffered from a pay increase that is 32% less
than doctors and nurses.

Until this is ended there will continue to be recruitment, low moral and
retention problems in these groups.

Join the lobby - contacting your local MSF rep.

Further details go to www.msf.org.uk

David Lawton

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