Career in the Microbio Sciences

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Thu Feb 17 17:43:01 EST 2000

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>I was certainly pleased to see the experience of the previous poster's grad. 
>BA was in Molecular Biology but I'm completing a MS concentrated in
>bioinformatics.  He may be an outlier in the general population but I really
>love this field.  I'm happy to find any reason to look at it optimistically.
>Bill Nussbaumer

Sounds good.  Just make sure a) that the specific case mentioned is not a 
'rare' event, and b) that this is a field with a long term future.

I can recall a time in the mid 1960s when people who knew how to operate
analytical ultracentrifuges were in demand.  THese have now disappeared except 
museum pieces.  

I suspect a better run for bioinformatics etc., but science is fadish.

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